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What's new in SlideShow 10?

SlideShow 10 is packed with all of your favorite features from previous versions and a lot of new features that we hope you'll love. SlideShow 10 has a much greater focus on video than in previous versions, now you have full video editing capability, you can cut pieces out from the middle, beg, end, rearrange them, delete outtakes, etc. There are also new camera motion capabilities, for example you could recreate a show like Prezi quite easily, rotate objects, photos, video in 3D, and use more i...

Where can I find video tutorials for SlideShow 10?

The first steps in version 10, can be viewed on our Youtube channel by going to the following link: Getting Started in SlideShow 10 (

The "play from here" button is not working

We've made some changes to the way the "play from here" button works in SlideShow 10. In the timeline, there is a new function, the Play head. With this you can control playability of a video or image. The main difference is that before you could only start at the beginning of an object, i.e you would always see the transition and then the full image or video. With the use of the playhead you can now start at any point within an object, beginning, middle, or end. For further details and a sid...

Updates vs. upgrades

The most common question that comes up in this category is: “I own SlideShow (7,8,9) and now I’ve downloaded the trial version of SlideShow 10. When I put in my log in data/ serial number it gives an error. Why isn’t it working?” We continuously update our software to meet the needs of our customers as well as the changes within the Windows operating system. Within each version of the software (SlideShow 7, 8, 9, 10) there are updates within the version that fix known bugs, adjust features to ...