What's the Developer mode and how do I use it?

1. Introduction

In Developer mode SlideShow and Stages provide additional editing options, which serve in particular the creation of Intelligent templates. The developer mode is not intended for daily use and no "official" part of the program. We we can offer no support if problems or questions arise.

Activate developer mode on the menu item: Extras / Developer mode.

2. Features of the Developer mode

  • new "Developer" tab on the Properties panel
  • Scripting developement environment: Workspace / Panels / Scripting IDE (see also: Documentation of the Scripting API)
  • Template editor in SlideShow-Manager or Menu Assistant activated
  • A new category called "Developer" is added to the Toolbox. The objects contained in it can only be used meaningfully to scripts.

3. Performance

In Developer mode a few optimization measures are turned off, so that the work with the program is a little slower, than with Developer mode disabled.

  • deactivated cache when executing scripts
  • deactivated cache for pixel shader

Only then it is possible that changes made to scripts or shaders affect the next play immediately. With activated caches the program needed to be restarted.