1. Definition

Gallery is one possible value that the Type element of the GUI Strings can receive. An image display is generated.

Stores a value of type string.

2. Options

  • "ImageDir": Path to insert images from, relative to the SlideShow Presets folder. Data type: string

ImageDir can hold a simple folder, e.g. "MyImagePath". Then all found and supported images are loaded into the gallery. If you set "MyImagePath\\*" (Look for the double backslash!) though, then the Gallery will create sub-categories from the sub-folders. If there are the folder "Personnel", "Animals" and "Vacation" in "MyImagePath" the you will see in the Gallery the categories "Personnel", "Animals" and "Vacation" which will contain the images directly from the respective folders. The Gallery does not work recursively.

  • "NonePicture": true/false - allows or disallows the option "no image"
  • "OwnPicture": true/false - allows or disallows the option to select your own image from the file system

3. Example

  "Key" : "ImgComboBox1",
  "Type" : "ImageComboBox",
  "Caption" : "MyImgComboBox",
  "Options" :
      "ImageDir" : "MyImagePath\\*",
      "NonePicture": true,
      "OwnPicture": true