1. Definition

Hooks are predefined methods that are used to link a script to the project. You decide when what code is executed. E.g. code that is written in the procedure OnExpandSlideshow is executed just before the presentation playback. Hooks do not need to be defined, the script engine knows these specific methods and reacts accordingly.

All hooks have as a parameter the current SlideShow object of type ISlideShowObject. So can that object be accessed directly to which the script file is attached.

2. Play/Player

procedure OnExpandSlideShow(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject);
procedure Render(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject; Bitmap: ICanvas);
procedure OnConfigureShader(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject; const Progress: Float);

3. User interface

function OnInsertPreset(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject): Boolean;
function OnCreateContextMenu(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject): string;
function OnGetGUI(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject): string;
procedure OnInitDesigner(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject; Context: IDesignerContext);
function OnDesignerChanged(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject; Context: IDesignerContext; UpdateInfo: IDesignerUpdate): Integer;
function OnGetContainerChild(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject): string;