1. Definition

This hook is called when changes are made to a SlideShow object, that will take effect in the Layout designer. Based on the type of change the script can update the internal data.

2. Method

function OnDesignerChanged(SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject; Context: IDesignerContext; UpdateInfo: IDesignerUpdate): Integer;

3. Parameter

SlideShowObject: ISlideShowObject

Context: IDesignerContext

UpdateInfo: IDesignerUpdate

4. Return value

The return value defines, how the Layout designer reacts on the update.

  • hrDefault: The Layout designer behaves as specified by the object type. For example, resizing an image object only leads to a redraw, while a change of the file name makes a re-initialization required.
  • hrInvalidate: The object is only redrawn
  • hrReinit: The object is fully re-initialized
  • hrPreview: The entire contents of the Layout designer is recreated