How do I get started?

1. Add images:
You can add images to your Slideshow project in multiple ways:
  • In the menu bar go to "Add"
  • Click the "+" icon in the toolbar
  • Drag and drop photos from the file explorer into the timeline
  • Drag and drop the Image-Object from the toolbox panel into the timeline
  • Add an entire folder by going to "Add" then "Directory" and then selecting the folder that you would like to add.
2. Personalize:
Personalize every moment and give photo your own special touch:
  • Add text and music.
  • Transitions: face ins & outs, make your photos zoom on to the screen, or melt into the next one.
  • Zoom: zoom up, down, all around. Add a camera pan or move the focus to the important details.
  • Frames: want to look like your photos are 35mm negatives, wooden framed, or stuck with tape? Just drag the effect on the image in the timeline.
  • Image effects: put yourself into an old polaroid, give your photos a golden glow, or even give your pictures a quick touch up.
  • Adjust colors: turn your photos black and white, give them a cool filter, or release them into the world of sepia. Love the current Instagram filters? Our retro filters are just perfect for you!
3. Upload:
Uploading and exporting are very easy. You just go to the menu "wizards" and select your export type. You can choose from a range of options including burning your show an DVD or BluRay, creating a video file for your Cloud or USB stick, or even uploading it directly to Facebook, Youtube, or Vimeo.